I absolutely LOVED working on this wonderful book by Heather E. Robyn! It was so fun to get to draw a multicoloured dinosaur (and the eagle eyed among you may even notice an easter egg in the illustrations)

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Dino Deegan loves climbing Mount Berzerk, but he’s left out of games because he’s different from other dinosaurs at school. “He played by himself, his classmates not near, for Deegan did fill them with angst and with fear. “Your claws are too sharp to join in our games,” they said as they pointed and called Deegan names. Cass, the new kid at school, befriends Dino Deegan until class bullies step in to deter her. Will she stick up for her new friend and stop the bullies? Will the other classmates see the errors of their ways and start including Dino Deegan when they play?