I finally got my hardcover copy of Super Max in the post today and I am SO happy with it!  

Its exciting to see months of hard work from myself and Heather E. Robyn finally come together on page.  Especially knowing that children both in the UK and America are reading about Super Max and getting some amazing tips about dealing with test anxiety.  This book has a really positive message, and one I completely believe in.

Check out the text below to find out more about Super Max, and order your copy today! Don’t forget to leave a review on Amazon to help other families find out about this wonderful book.

It was a regular school day for the students of Room 23, until the math menace arrived disguised as a surprise test ready to ruin the day! Anxiety grips Max’s friends and chaos ensues because they feel unprepared to pass this test. But, Max has a little secret up her sleeve…she’s super! Super Max must help her friends overcome their test anxiety and take down the math menace one problem at a time. Will she make it in time to save the day and help her friends pass the math test?

“Okay class, it’s time. Put your books on the floor.”

Ms. Spice said while walking to shut the room door.

Max then felt her heart beating hard in her chest.

“Today…” said Ms. Spice, “you’re all taking a test.”

Her words shook the room like a hard boom of thunder,

and filled it with chaos, confusion, and wonder.

Anxious, the students became really scared.

Then Ivan yelled out, “I feel so unprepared!”

Nearly 40% of children struggle with test anxiety. It’s this anxiety that prevents them from peforming their best and can have longer affects of behavior, self esteem, and avoidance of school. Experiiencing test anxiety as a child was difficult, but watching my daughter experience these symptoms influenced me to write Super Max and the Math Menace.

Super Max helps children realize their true inner power to dig deep and pull the super in themselve out to conquer fear over test anxiety. Super Max will take children and parents on an adventure of super hero discovery and the ability to help others overcome fears.

“Relax?” Kenya shouted from back in the class.

“Just how can we do that Super Hero Max?”

“It’s easy”, she said. “Just think back to practice.”

“Let’s take a deep breath… we’ve totally got this!”