The Song Garden is now available to buy on Amazon in hardback, paperback and kindle formats! I am so excited to get my copy through the post.

This book is set in the spring, so there are lots of bright colours, butterflies and beautiful flowers. This book was an absolute pleasure to illustrate (and got me in the mood to get outside and enjoy the good weather!)

Vicky is a wonderful author with some beautiful books that help children learn about and enjoy music, so if you liked this book then please check out her other works!

“Every year, Calla and her family participate in the town’s showcase, but this year, she is determined to create a song garden without the help of her parents. Her friends all have great ideas, but writing a song doesn’t come as easily to Calla. There are so many choices…what if she gets it wrong? 

Will Calla be able to conquer her worries and let her creativity shine through?

Written by an elementary music teacher to spark composition in young readers, The Song Garden teaches children that their creations are truly their own.”