Hi and welcome to my brand new website!

I wanted to create a website that would be better for you all to use, with more features than before and lots more information about my drawing process and ideas!

Since I have recently been working with multiple order both within the UK and overseas, I also decided to create a .com website to make it easier for international authors to find my work and get in touch for a quote!

1: Testimonials

This website now support testimonials, which is driven by my Facebook page. I wanted to insert this feature to give my authors and potential new customers piece of mind.  You can see what my other customers have thought about working with me, and what they think about my process.  If you are an author or customer I have worked with, please consider leaving a review on my Facebook page! It’s always important to me to get an honest view about hwo you feel the process went so that I can improve and keep making this process better!

2: Live Chat

I now have a livechat feature on my website, so you can easily chat to me without having to send an email! All you have to do is click the widget bottom right, and send your message.  I may not always be online ( I do occassionally need to sleep!) but you’re always welcome to leave me a message.

3: Behind the Art

If you’re interested in my process, my behind the art page explains in detail how I design my sketches and create my designs! If you’re a customer and are interested in seeing your work come to life, feel free to let me know and I can create you a timelapse video free of charge so you can see the magic happen!

4: Commissions

If you’re interested in hiring me for a project, I now provide basic pricing guides online and a form to get in touch with me for a quotation.  The form highlights some of the questions I will need to know to start your project, and the pricing will give you an estimate about what you will pay.  Please remember, these prices are estimates only.  If you are wanting smaller spot illustrations, or are requesting a large amount of illustrations I am always happy to negotiate and work with your budget.

5: Colouring Pages

I will be working to constantly update this page with new and exciting colouring book pages for you to print off, colour in and enjoy! If you have any specific requests, feel free to reach out to me on live chat, social media of email.


That’s all the changes for now!

If you have any ideas about other things you would like to see on this website, feel free to reach out and let me know! I am always happy to know what you all enjoy seeing! Have a wonderful day and enjoy the new site.<[/et_pb_text][/et_pb_column][/et_pb_row][/et_pb_section]